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To promote the non-stop flight from Buenos Aires to Auckland, in 13 hours, I developed the idea of The First Taste Match Ever, in which Argentina could finally beat the All Blacks (current world rugby champions). The term Taste Match is related to Test Match, which is used to call a rugby match. In this cultural exchange between both countries, the fans decided who won by scoring points each time a fan selected what to eat. 
For example, a Choripán (typical argentine sandwich) or Lamb sandwich 
(typical New Zealand dish).

This one was the first of five snack content videos featured in the social networks of ANZ for a month.

Fans who wanted to participate in the Taste Match had to sign up on a  landing page were challenged them to convert a try in a certain amount of time, scrolling at fast speed by showing their passion for rugby. Once they converted the try, they could choose the team to support.

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